FAQ Studio Monchy

About Studio Monchy

What is Studio Monchy?

Studio Monchy offers a program for professionals in music education and participatory practice (in the widest sense of the term) to develop their practice and build up a meaningful network. Studio Monchy is explicitly geared towards professionals who are constantly searching for new ways to explore solutions, who see challenges and tackle them.

Studio Monchy is not a replacement for an music education degree, nor a formal continuation of such a degree. We do not organise courses, lessons or training.

Who is Studio Monchy for?

Studio Monchy is for professionals in the field of music education and participatory practice: music teachers, teaching musicians, community musicians, music workshop leaders, shortly: Musicians and creatives who are actively working with various communities.

Our target audience is working innovatively in the field: they are researching and developing that which is necessary. In other words, they are looking for and developing new pathways.

Participants have several years of experience with an active practice. They have discovered through this practice that sometimes something new or different is needed from that which is already developed or is at hand.

We expect an open and curious disposition from our participants: This is not dependent on educational background, age, or field of work. There will be an intake interview as a part of the selection procedure for Studio Monchy to ensure that we come to a well-balanced group of participants.

What does Studio Monchy consist of? What will you be doing?

Studio Monchy is currently in development. Participants should therefore be open to adventure! In the pilot, we will be developing an inspiring program spread out over three weekends.

Together we will be tackling artistic, societal, pedagogical, and other aspects of professional practice. To do so we will be welcoming inspiring and knowledgeable trainers, coaches, and guest speakers.

Our target audience consists of people who combine thinking and doing constantly in their practice. Studio Monchy will be no different: We will be listening, speaking, playing, creating, and moving. And we will be eating and making music together because we can’t forget the most important things in life!

Who are the people and organisations behind Studio Monchy?

Studio Monchy is an initiative of the Wim de Monchy Foundation, which aims to develop and expand the reaches of music education in the Netherlands. The foundation works in collaboration with Akoesticum in Ede, a national training centre for music, dance and theatre.

The program leader of Studio Monchy is Maite van der Marel: Workshop leader and trainer with expertise in creative processes and experience with diverse participatory projects in both the Netherlands and the Middle East. She will be supported in terms of content by Harold Lenselink: the artistic director of Akoesticum, also a musician, former choir conductor and former music conservatory teacher.

The program is being developed and presented under the direction of Maite van der Marel, in collaboration with Jeffrey Noordijk, Carmen Hovestad, Rohan Poldervaart, Allerd van den Bremen (experienced and innovative musicians/trainers).

Participating in Studio Monchy

What are the conditions needed to take part in Studio Monchy?

Participation in Studio Monchy requires professional working and thinking experience in music and pedagogy. A music degree, teaching degree or other comparable degrees are good starting points but are not strictly required. This is because there are diverse ways to reach the professional level necessary. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to take part in only some of the program of Studio Monchy?

Participation in the program means that you will become a part of a learning community that sustainably exchanges knowledge and experience over the course of at least a year. Only then will it be possible to build up the necessary collaborations and connections within the group of participants. It is therefore only possible to take part in the entire year-long program.

It may be that we will organise activities in the meantime that may interest you: introductory days, workshops, training. If you are interested, please sign up for the newsletter.

Is Studio Monchy only accessible for Dutch speakers?

No. Studio Monchy is intended for professionals working in the Dutch field of music education and participation. If this applies to you, and you meet the other requirements, then you are welcome!

Practical information

When and where will Studio Monchy take place?

The pilot edition of Studio Monchy is planned to start in November 2021. Gatherings will take place at Akoesticum in Ede. It is possible to now sign up for the pilot. After this, there will be a new edition in the autumn of 2022. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with more definitive information.

How much time investment will participation in Studio Monchy require?

The coming edition of Studio Monchy is a pilot. To give an indication: there will be three weekends and several return – and/or gathering days that will be dedicated to the sustainability of what was built up in Studio Monchy.

What does it cost to take part in Studio Monchy? What will I get in return?

The usual cost of the program amounts to 1.800 euros. Since this coming year is a pilot we have a reduced fee of 600 euros. This includes three weekends + individual coaching + return and gathering days. Overnight stays are also included.

There is funding available for participants who are not able to receive financial support through their employer or the government. Contact us for more information: studiomonchy@akoesticum.org.