Expert Meetings on Arts and Social Inclusion

Together with the Landesmusikakademie Nordrhein Westfalen (Heek, Germany) we organise two Expert Meetings on social integration and the arts in Germany and the Netherlands.

9-10 Feb. 2017, Akoesticum (Ede, NL)
15-16 March 2017, Landesmusikakademie (Heek, NRW)

These expert meetings are inspired by the way Musicians without Borders has been using the power of music with people affected by war and armed conflict within and outside Europe for more than fifteen years.


In these two expert meetings we will showcase a broad range of examples of the successful use of the performing arts, arts education and community arts in social integration processes in different European countries and contexts.

We aim to facilitate the exchange of experiences for professionals, to strengthen existing networks and build new ones and to discuss practical approaches to sharing of resources and experiences.

This partnership programme is financially supported by the (EU) Interreg / Euregio Rhijn- Waal and is open to arts practitioners and organizations interested in community building and in learning how music, dance and theater can make a positive contribution to social integration.

>> information & registration Akoesticum Expert Meeting 9-10 Feb. 2017

  •  Collection of documents Expertmeeting 9- 10 FEB. 2017 >> publications 9/10 FEB
  • The facebook group will remain open for all, including the participants of the second meeting.

>> information and registration Landesmusikakademie Nordrhein Westfalen 15 – 16 March 2017

PROGRAM OUTLINE: Speakers: Laura Hassler, Musicians without Borders, Sophie Lamprou (El Sistema Greece), Julian Fifer (Musicians for Human Rights), Anna Swinkels (Musicians without Borders). Projects: Projects in Nordrhein-Westfalen: an Overview Anika Mittendorf (Landesmusikrat) Sing with Me: project for unaccompanied under-aged refugees in Essen, Mizgin Gülmüs, European perspectives – the example of Roots & Routes, Sascha Düx (RCGN Cologne), Tools for creativity- Otto de Jong, Darren Abrahams. Workshops: Crisis Classroom: understanding trauma- Darren Abrahams , Community Music approaches to inclusion- Otto de Jong, Meeting each other: on Arabic music and musical exchanges – Maren Lueg and Ensemble Hammam Abbiad.


Planned partnership events 2017

  • Expert meetings at Akoesticum (9-10 Feb. 2016) and the Landesmusikakademie NRW (15-16 March 2017) aimed at social integration and the arts in Germany and the Netherlands.

> Kennisbijeenkomst – Podiumkunst als middel bij sociale integratie

  • MwB Training Community Music Leadership (19-23.06.2017) at the Landesmusikakademie NRW. Same approach as the MwB training of trainers at Akoesticum (oct. 2016), adapted to the specific German context. Participants: 50 professional musicians and music therapists from all over the world.