Terra Nova dans


Emotional Intelligence on the Dance Floor
with Andrea Juhan

Do you have times of wondering where the world’s sanity has run off too? Do you worry about your own ability to cope with the massive amounts of feelings, decisions and changes we all notice and process each day?

Feelings happen in our bodies. They move, cycle and change con-tinuously. Strengthening our ability to mindfully feel our emotions, while employing a minimum of defences, is one of the primary outcomes in embodied movement. When we are in mindful movement, we are in tune or at least in embodied dialogue, with what we are feeling and what is moving in us and thru us.

The focus of this workshop is the art of singling out different aspects of our experience without losing sight of the whole. This is a crucial skill to learn in the quest for emotional intelligence and basic sanity.

More information, www.terranova-dans.nl