Rural Sociology: past, present and future

The Rural Sociology Group of Wageningen University will celebrate its 75th Anniversary on the 13th of May 2022 at Akoesticum! Rural Sociology: Past, Present and Future Over the 75 years of the Group’s existence, characteristic features of the “Wageningen School” approach in rural sociology have been its comparative research, empirically grounded theoretical development, and a research output renowned for its scientific as well as for its political and practical relevance. At this celebration they will present, discuss, and reflect upon the past, present, and future challenges of rural sociology. They will do that in a lively, interactive setting with debate, workshops, and presentations. Thematic Clusters The anniversary celebration will be organized around three thematic clusters:

  • Agrarian and rural development, with special attention to socio-economic dynamics and potentials at farm and regional level;
  • Food provisioning, the socio-spatial organization, and co-ordination of food production and consumption, with special attention to circularity, diverse food economies, and place-based food networks;
  • Urban-rural relations, with special attention to counter-urbanization, urban-rural fluidity, identity, and governance.

Register here More details about the conference program will be published on the RSO website soon!