DanceAbility: The art of togetherness

DanceAbility is a way to dance for everyone. It offers the opportunity to use one’s own language of movement and to experience and shape spontaneous artistic and creative processes with others. Because of its precise method DanceAbility creates ways for an inclusive approach as well as opportunities for development for everyone in a group.

Developed in particular by the choreographer and dancer Alito Alessi since 1987, DanceAbility is used in a wide area of work such as schools, extracurricular education, institutions for people with or without disabilities, socio-cultural community projects or contemporary dance and performance art.

This course is certified by DanceAbility and will be taught in English.

Key areas:

● basic principles of DanceAbility as an inclusive approach to dance
● certified introduction to the DanceAbility method
● basic principles for teaching a heterogeneous group with dance

Location: Akoesticum
19th of february – 23rd of february
Cost: €350 tuition | €455 board + lodging



Any questions about the course?
Contact Akademie der Kulturellen Bildung via or +49 2191 7940