6 Days Akoesticum Rehearsal Program

Rehearsal Program

Staying and rehearsing in this fantastic environment is an experience like no other. The Akoesticum Rehearsal Program focuses on perfecting the art of training, learning different aspects of understanding music and performing together.

But it isn’t only hard work and performing. This program combines the all-round challenging musical training with the fun of shared meaningful adventures. From competitive sports on the green, getting throttled at a boot camp, to jumping on bikes for a battlefield tour and exploring the gorgeous sights around.  

Sample Itinerary, Day by Day
From sunday 12:00 hrs – friday 12:00 hrs

Day 1. Travel to Akoesticum, The Netherlands | check-in

Enjoy your journey to The Netherlands, to Akoesticum, the international training centre for music, dance and theatre. Have a kickstart rehearsal as appetizer for your stay. Our chef Fabian and his crew will prepare a welcome dinner. Discover the beautiful surroundings in the evening and take a stroll in the woods. Or just sit back and socialize with your friends in our café.

  • Lodging: 2, 3, 4-6 per room, single room for your staff members
  • Full board catering by our cook Fabian: breakfast, sandwich lunch (or packed lunch), meal

Day 2. Focused learning is effective learning

Start for the next 3 days with fresh morning air and a warming-up run with our bootcamp master. For the rest of this day, the setting of the tutti rehearsals will be the Auditorium. Sectional rehearsals will take place in the studios.  After dinner, your orchestra will be studying the repertoire for try-outs and concert.

  • Rehearsal facilities in Akoesticum: venue that fits your group, group rehearsal rooms
  • free use of musicial equipment, e.g. grand piano, timpany, percussion, organ, and stage equipment

Day 3. Meet, listen and learn from the masters

Apart from the tutti rehearsals, there will be workshops given by (inter)national artist who’s vision and interpretation helps you to learn different aspects of playing and understanding music.


  • extensive rehearsals: 2 customized workshops for your group
  • optional: masterclass by (inter)national artist, meetup/perform with other artist

Day 4. Engage the audience

Imagine all this focussed learning. On the 4th day we take a break and you’ll join a guided tour to one of the places of your interest. In the evening, your orchestra or choir will perform and try-out in the main hall at Akoesticum.


  • try-out  in main hall
  • educational trips (1 included, others optional); touring car & transportation (optional)

 Day 5. Grande Finale

This day will be the artistic highlight of your stay! After the intensive tutti rehearsals, the orchestra will play for an audience in the main hall of Akoesticum. After the concert, there will be a farewell party to to celebrate the achievements of this inspiring week together.

  • concert with audience in the main hall
  • fun/comedy night, performing for each other

Day 6. A journey does not exist without home | Check-out and departure

After a good night’s rest, enjoy and relax a bit before heading home!