Focussed learning and better performance

Training Centre for music, dance and theatre

Welcome to Akoesticum, training centre for music, dance and theatre in the Netherlands. Host to a full range of national and international performers, from emerging talent to established artists.

A unique location

Akoesticum, International Performing Arts Training Centre since 2015. Akoesticum resides in a beautiful 1906 heritage site, situated in the surroundings of Veluwe National Park, green heart of The Netherlands.

We offer the opportunity to rehearse, create, perform, eat and sleep in a beautifully restored historic site designed for professional use. Therefore groups from all over the world find the focus and dedication to fully immerse in performance and learning.

  • Concert tour programs
    The finest training ambiance for teens and adults 
    through combining a fun and supportive atmosphere with challenging musical performances.

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