25 talentvolle mandoline- en gitaarspelers

Het JugendZupfOrchester NRW is een orkest voor jonge talentvolle mandoline- en gitaarspelers uit NordRhein Westfalen olv. Peter Vierneisel van de Deutsche  Dirigenten-Akademie. Het orkest verblijft 8 dagen bij Akoesticum ter voorbereiding van een serie concerten later dit jaar.

Kom kijken, kom luisteren | 19 augustus 2017

Als afsluiting van de repetitieperiode, geeft het JugendZupfOrchester een optreden voor publiek. Op het programma staan werken van

  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – Concerto no 5 BWV 1056, arr. voor piano en Zupforchester
  • Daniel Huschert (*1977) – Rituel
  • Hiromitsu Kagajo (*1961) – BlackOut
  • Dieter Kreidler (*1943) – Hommage à Astor Piazzolla

Datum: zaterdag 19 augustus
Aanvang: 20.00u
Toegang: gratis. Wel reserveren!

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JugendZupfOrchester NRW

Jugendzupforchester NRW

” The Jugendzupforchester under the musical direction of Dr. Christian de Witt (Youth Plucked String Orchestra) is an orchestra of young and enthusiastic mandolin and guitar players from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Members of the orchestra have achieved national and international success in competitions, and their cumulative experience and expertise leads to creating the ensemble’s extraordinary body of sound. The aim of this orchestra is to provide the opportunity for young mandolin and guitar players to play together and to be taught by professional instrumentalists, as well as to advocate the writing of new music for the ensemble.

Since being promoted by the ‘Netzwerk Neue Musik’ (Network for New Music) in 2008–2011, the orchestra has developed a huge interest in contemporary music, in most recent years performing Michael Nyman’s score to Vertov’s ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ and premiering the first opera for plucked string orchestra by S. Hackenberg.

The orchestra’s repertoire also consists of music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, including pieces adapted for plucked orchestra by Mozart, Grieg, Bartók, as well as original compositions by Kuwahra, Angulo and Balkanski. The Jugendzupforchester has travelled extensively, performing in China, the Czech Republic, Japan, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and the United States and in some of the world’s most renowned concert halls such as the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, St Petersburg, WDR Funkhaus Cologne, Konzerthaus Bamberg, Baltic Philharmonie and the Takamatsu Concert Hall.

The orchestra has achieved much success in competitions, most notably when it was awarded 1st prize in both the ‘Prague Strings’ and Trossingen competitions in 2006. It has recorded for television and radio broadcasts in Germany and abroad, and has also produced CDs; ‘Live in Japan’ (2003) and ‘Back from Russia’ (2005). The orchestra is sponsored by the ministry of family, sports and cultures and the Landesmusikrat NRW.” >> meer informatie