Akoesticum Talent Programme 23 Feb – 4 March 2018

23 februari, 2018 – 4 maart, 2018 hele dag
Auditorium, tuinzalen en studio's

The Akoesticum Talent Programme, European chamber music edition, is a chamber music course initiated by Akoesticum. It offers outstanding young musicians (pianists and strings) an inspiring journey to expand their classical music education, with an emphasis on chamber music.

Performing together

The Akoesticum Talent Programme assembles its participants with a faculty consisting of the best professors and top musicians of our time, working together in a broad and open minded environment. The course focuses on perfecting the art of training, trying, listening, understanding, being part of an ensemble and performing together.

Edition 2018 | 23 February – 4 March 2018

>> Akoesticum Talent Programme, detailed information & reservations

or contact:

Ms. Naomi Mul Email: talentprogramme@akoesticum.org
Phone: +31 318 304 349

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