Liz Lerman

Critical response workshops van choreografe Liz Herman aan docenten ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten.

Liz Lerman is a choreographer, performer, writer, educator and speaker, and the recipient of honors including a 2002 MacArthur “Genius Grant” and a 2017 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award. Key to her artistry is opening her process to various publics, resulting in research and outcomes that are participatory, urgent, and usable. She founded Dance Exchange in 1976 and led it until 2011.

Her recent work Healing Wars toured the US. Liz teaches Critical Response Process, creative research, the intersection of art and science, and the building of narrative within dance at institutions such as Harvard, Yale School of Drama, and Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Her third book is Hiking the Horizontal: Field Notes from a Choreographer. As of 2016 she is an Institute Professor at Arizona State University. – About Liz Lerman

Critical Response Process

Critical Response is een methodiek waarin op gestructureerde wijze in een lessituatie het getoonde werk door de studenten wordt besproken. Voor meer informatie, download De werking van het Critical Response Process (.pdf)